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Pink Rose Bridal Bouquet Wedding Flowers Suffolk

Susan Jane May


   Wedding F​lorist

About Me as an Artist

I'm an Artist, a Florist, a Weaver, a Spinner, an Aquarian

and the owner of two now one gorgeous Birman Cat...

Hand Spun Yarn Weaving Woven Wallhanging
Birman cats in the artroom at Studio2Artwork
Sketchbook Susan Jane MAy Artist Studio2Artwork

I've been an Artist all my life and this year I've opened an ETSY SHOP which I'm busy stocking with wallhangings and original artworks for sale.

I use a variety of mediums including oil, acrylics, watercolour, pen & ink, gold dust and gold leaf. I love using natural linen canvases and, for my Mandala work, 300g watercolour paper.

With my weaving I use natural textiles and plant fibres. Using a drop spinner, I spin wool, Ramie (Nettle var.), Flax (Linen), Silk, Egyptian Cotton and Alpaca. This summer (2020) I've started buying in raw fleeces which I hand wash, dry, comb and then spin. This is an amazingly satisfying process and I absolutely love knowing where the fleeces come from and the names of the sheep and alpacas that have provided them. 

To see lots of posts and find out what I'm currently working on visit my Insta Page and Studio2Artwork Facebook Page

Oil Painting Art for Sale Susan Jane MAy Artist Studio2Artwork
Hand Spinning Hand Spun Yarn Woven Wallhanging Studio2Artwork